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Hi, can we be friends? :)

I am cute. ❤

16. Italian. Ambitious. Dreamer. Optimistic. Leanatic. Pizza Lover. New York. Music. Broadway. Animal Lover. Psychology. Trying to be a good writer.
I kinda suck at singing, but I LOVE doing it. UGH! Whatever.
You can't stop me. You won't!
I love Lea Michele the way I'd love my kitty cat. ❤

I don't give a fuck!!!

otp: somebody to love.
otp: you're a lot better than you know.

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Song: Drive My Car (Glee Cast Version)
Artist: Glee Cast
Album: Glee Sings The Beatles
Played: 32.901 times.

Snippet of “Drive My Car (Glee Cast Version)”


The Glee cast and crew lost another member today- Jim Fuller, who worked on production for the show since the beginning. Please keep the cast and crew of Glee, along with Jim’s family and friends, in your thoughts.


Annapurna Himalayan Range, Nepal (September 2013)



Kodak EIR

Are you ok, mommy?


I am now.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9